HFactor is hydrogen infused water, sourced and packaged in the U.S. It utilizes a patent-pending, chemical-free and magnesium-free process to infuse hydrogen — the super element documented to offer multiple anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits — into pure water for refreshing, functional hydration.



Hunton boats are built for powerboat connoisseurs: those looking for a blend of performance and luxury unavailable elsewhere. Boasting a pedigree second to none: a racing heritage spanning more than three decades with countless championship wins, Hunton is committed to building the best boats of its generation.



Four Springs TEN31 Xchange is a real estate firm that provides customized tax deferred exchange solutions for real estate investors. As a subsidiary of Four Springs Capital Trust (FSCT), it focuses on acquiring and managing a diversified portfolio of single-tenant commercial properties that have long-term double or triple net leases with creditworthy tenants.



OVEND aims to bring convenient, hot and tasty pizza to the North American market, through a network of pizza vending machines. OVEND has an exclusive agreement to distribute an Italian technology to North America, leveraging the success of over 150 pizza vending machines already placed internationally by other geographical suppliers.



New England Investment Partners is a specialty real estate investment company, with expertise in commercial property management, and recognizing and acquiring underperforming commercial properties. Their latest project in Greenwich CT, represents a stable cash flow deal, in a prime location, with an option to reposition and add significant value.



ELEQT Group provides an economic networking forum, facilitating social discovery, business networking and funding. Bringing together leading affluent lifestyle networks with small business and entrepreneurial social networks, ELEQT matches capital providers with business builders, empowering growth and success.