About Our Name


Our Name: Inspired by Human
Development in Seven Year Cycles

“Third Seven Capital” was inspired by philosopher Rudolph Steiner, who pioneered the concept of human development, based on seven year cycles; the time it takes for the trillion cells in the body to rejuvenate.

The founders agreed that these seven year cycles were helpful for benchmarking, assessing and reassessing the periods of our lives.

Seven Year Cycles Graphic

Applying Steiner's Concept

The founders took Steiner’s notion and decided to relate it to their professional careers, thus splitting them into seven year periods:

1st Seven - Start of their careers & managerial roles
2nd Seven - Stepping into leadership
3rd Seven - Applying learnings to an entrepreneurial setting

At the time, the founders were in the midst of entering the third seven year period of their lives, ready to applying their learnings to an entrepreneurial setting. It therefore seemed fitting to base the company name and values based on this ethos.

Third Seven Capital: The Ambition

“Our ambition was to fashion a company around ethics, one that puts long term client relationships at the center of its core operating values.”

Nick Ledger | Founding Partner & CEO

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